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Ask Our Lawyer - February 2002

Question: Your ads say you are the ABATE Legal Services. What in the world do you guys do, anyway – besides personal injury and accident cases?

Answer: Many people ask that question. ABATE Legal Services does a number of things, all working for you. Primary, we are available 24/7 to answer questions and provide basic legal consulting to ABATE members. We can direct you to resources that can help you address problems, and we can help you address some of those problems.

Additionally, ABATE Legal Services can provide services for you chapter or Region. Each year, ABATE Legal Services presents a session at the State meetings. In those sessions, we talk about everything from road safety to fundraising to party planning. In addition, ABATE Legal Services staff members have been at the State meetings, providing attendees with information on ABATE Legal Services and providing materials to take back to their chapters and regions. Also, ABATE Legal Staff members are ready to do wills for ABATE members. In fact, in 2002 we have produced over 100 new wills at no charge to ABATE members.

As always, the main focus of the ABATE Legal Services program has been to emphasize safe riding practices. For example, we explained this year that the most recent statistics show that a large number of motorcycling accidents occur when a car turns left in front of a motorcyclist or when a car hits a bike from behind. If we strive to eliminate left turn incidents and getting run over from behind, we have gone a long way in making our roadways safer.

Our new Road Hazard website (www.roadhazard.org <http://www.roadhazard.org> ) is designed to provide fast and efficient notice to the governmental entities charged with the duty to repair those road hazards. The site allows riders to report defective roadway conditions or other problems that cause concern for riders. Our experience has been is that the road commissioners and highway officials are more than eager to have us help them identify those hazards to that they can be corrected quickly.

The potholes are coming! The potholes are coming!

REMEMBER: It will soon be spring time in the land of freeze and thaw. Roads that may be passable for four-wheelers can be downright dangerous to us two-wheelers. As a reminder, potholes, sand, rocks, tree limbs, downed signs, uneven pavement, cracks, crevices and you name it are lying in wait for us all. Please report it and perhaps save a life or prevent an injury, or at the very least, make riding in the mid-west a little bit better.
All of these programs are in place to assist you, the rider. Why? Because we ride, too.

If you have any questions you would like to ask the lawyer, please submit them to: ASK OUR LAWYER, P.O. Box 2850, Indianapolis, Indiana 46206-2850.