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We Are Passionate About Your Rights

We are motorcycle enthusiasts. We are attorneys. At Christopher & Taylor, we are passionate about rights as bikers and as a members of the Indianapolis community.

We want to provide aggressive advocacy for you that is straight to the point. We know you don’t have time to mess around with whether or not you want to pursue your issue. So when you work with us, we get right down to business.

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Together, we have a century of legal experience. We put that to work for you.

We Believe In You

As riders, we know how things go on the road. We also know your rights and the laws that are in force to protect you. We offer 24-hour, nationwide accident investigation and representation. We believe in your rights as a motorcyclist. We don’t just talk the talk; as motorcycle riders, we walk the walk, or ride the ride in this case.

When we represent you, we give you the power and encourage you to call us up on a variety of legal issues.  And it helps when you tell a stubborn insurance adjuster that if they don’t treat you right on the property damage to the family Harley – you are going to call Rod or Hilary at Christopher & Taylor. Over the course of the past couple of decades, we’ve found that sometimes, that phone call is all it takes.

 Get The Help You Need On Many Different Issues

Not only do we take calls about motorcycle crashes, we get calls for legal help on a variety of issues. We can offer direction on time-share issues in Mexico, motorcycle titles, credit score gigs, employment problems, age discrimination, sexual harassment, union contracts, health policy claims and insurance claim denial, just to name a few

Motorcycle crashes are just one type of personal injury case we handle. We also take car and truck crashes, slip-and-fall and dog bite cases. Any time you get hurt because of what someone else did, it’s time to talk to a personal injury attorney.

We’re here for you for whatever your legal matter. For example, we are not patent/trademark lawyers, but we know when it pays to hire one and when it doesn’t. We can point you in the right direction on many different legal issues.

Take Us For A Test Spin

Just as you’d never buy a bike without taking it for a test ride, we know you want to take us for a spin before committing too. We offer a free consult so you can do just that. Call 317-635-9000 and set up a time to talk. It’ll cost you nothing and you’ll gain insight into your situation, and find out how we can help. In Indianapolis, we serve clients throughout Central Indiana. Make use of our contact form to send us a question.