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Getting A Solid Estate Planning Foundation

Every working adult who owns a home, has a retirement account, or who has children can benefit from a simple will and POA. At Christopher & Taylor we understand that what you need depends on what you have and what you want to happen. We tailor our services to be as specific to your needs as possible. Find out more by calling 317-635-9000. We will answer your questions in a free consultation.

What A Will Can Include

Most people think of a will as a simple list of “who gets what.” The truth is, a will can be so much more. A will can include who you designate to raise your children if both parents are unable and what type of health care you wish to have if you are incapacitated.

A will can also contain your financial power of attorney (POA). This is the person you designate to have the power to make financial transactions on your behalf if you are ever not able to.

Many people also choose to designate a health care proxy. This is the person who makes decisions about your medical care in the event that you cannot (a serious accident, stroke, coma, dementia, etc.).

A will can include special instructions regarding your possessions. It can also confirm your intended beneficiaries. A pour-over will may be a good option in some cases.

There are other tools available to ensure that your wishes are clear. We can help.

Visit our Prepare Your Will page for our simple will forms

Why Create A Trust?

Many people of “average” means create trusts. Trusts are one way to protect your assets from Indiana probate, and in certain cases, from creditors. Trusts are useful to control how heirs receive their inheritance. Trusts can provide a structured income to survivors, such as spouses, minors and children with special needs. We can discuss what your needs are and whether a trust is right for you.

Let’s Discuss Your Planning Needs

Do you need a will, POA or trust? Let’s discuss your situation and goals. Schedule a meeting with us, Rod Taylor and Hilary Barnes. Call 317-635-9000 or reach us via our online contact form. We help clients plan their estates in Indianapolis and throughout Indiana.