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Were You Hurt Because Someone Was Careless?

When something happens that no one could have foreseen or prevented, it is truly an accident. When a person gets hurt because someone was reckless or careless, that is often a personal injury case.

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Many Types Of Personal Injury Cases

Even the smallest thing can cause serious injury. For example, in a grocery store, if no one wipes up the water or spills liquid on the floor, someone can easily slip and hit their head, causing a concussion or traumatic brain injury. If a product fails to perform, it can cause an eye injury or scarring. If a pet owner does not leash their pet or it attacks unprovoked, that owner’s home insurance should cover the medical costs of the injury.

We can help you pursue compensation after many different injuries, including:

  • Dog bites and animal attacks
  • Motorcycle crashes
  • Products that fail or cause harm
  • Slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall injuries in stores, parking lots, pools and other areas
  • Construction site accidents
  • Car and truck accidents

While some accidents cause injuries that will, over time, heal, other accidents are fatal. If you lost a loved one in an accident caused by someone else’s bad behavior, you may be able to pursue a wrongful death claim. We can help.

Get Your Questions About Compensation Answered

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