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Seeking Lost Wages After A Car Crash

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2023 | Car and Truck Accidents

Anyone involved in a car accident on Indiana roadways might suffer injuries then require extensive medical care and rehabilitation. Accident victims who are injured as a result of a driver’s negligence can often file a civil action to recover compensation to pay their bills. They could also seek compensation for pain and suffering and punitive damages. Many financial troubles could arise from lost wages and reduced earning capacity. Seeking compensation for those losses might be possible.

Claims for lost wages

Lost wages refer to the earnings lost after the accident. A credible claim for lost wages must prove that the injuries sustained from the accident led to losing out on income. The injuries must not be related to anything other than the accident to support a credible claim.

Presenting medical records and expert witness testimony might be necessary to prove such a claim. The plaintiff would also have to establish how much they lost in earnings by providing paystubs or other proof of income that preceded the accident.

Inability to earn a living

A reduced earning capacity may result from the accident, leaving the victim with a potentially uncertain financial future. Motor vehicle accidents that cause severe back, spinal or other catastrophic injuries may leave someone partially or fully disabled. A person who must perform many physical tasks on the job may need to find a lower-paying profession because their injuries force them to end their primary career. The victim may seek compensation to address their diminished earnings.

Filing a claim against a driver’s liability insurance policy may be a viable alternative to a lawsuit as many drivers carry such insurance. Effective negotiations could lead to a substantial settlement, depending on how high the policy limits are.